About Nessim Fishing And Fish Processing Co.Ltd

Nessim Fishing And Fish Processing Co.Ltd, is Gambian Based Fish Meal and Fish Oil Company founded by Nessim Trading Company with many years of experience, immense knowledge & expertise in Fish Meal, Fish Oil and Fish Soluble. The young generation has followed his footsteps to take the Nessim Group a step ahead and set benchmarks among largest Manufacturers and Exporters of Fish Meal and Fish Oil in International Market. Our Business is extended to manufacture of High Quality Fish Meal and Omege-3 Fish Oil which is used to aqua feed, poultry feed, pet feed, EPA-DHA extraction,animal feed, soap manufacture, leather tanneries & Paint industries across globally.

Nessim group has believed that its success comes from its people. Wherever there are people there is an opportunity to serve. Every activity, be it in Fish Meal , Fish Oil and Fish Soluble has steadily focused on creating better experience in every aspect of life.We always try to research, innovate, improve on service and quality providing most accurate information and added value in order to fulfill or client’s demands

We produce steam Steam Dried Fish Meal and Fish Oil from our modern and fully mechanized plant. We strongly believe in implementing resources with latest Technologies backed by an unwavering commitment to the highest levels of quality. Strict adherence to Government norms, eco-conscious methodologies, transparent business practices, and on-time delivery are among the few essentials by Nessim Group.

Fish Meal

Fish meal is high nutrient concentration gives its a special advantage as supplement in high nutrient dense starter diets for poultry, aquaculture.


Fish Oil

Fish Oil serves as natural remedy for health problems and needless to say it has an important application in the animal feed industry.


Refined Fish Oil

Fish oil is refined to reduce free fatty acid content, bleached to reduce the color and de-odorized to reduce odor. Fish oil supplement are considered.


Fish Solubles

Fish Solubles is a brown, semi-viscous liquid, with a fishy but pleasant odourThe unidentified growth factors present in it helps in increasing.