NESSIM Steel Company Ltd is a Gambian based company that provides customized recycling of old and used iron and steel parts in the Gambia for sales in the Gambian market as well as export to other countries’ customers in its targeted market.

NESSIM Steel Company Limited is registered and incorporation under the companies Act 2013 laws of The Gambia. The inputs envisaged to come from waste steel and iron and will contribute towards waste collection and management to contribute towards environmental hygiene and cleanliness in the country. The company is owned by two corporate investors namely: NESSIM Trading Company Limited and El-Hella Company Limited.


The corporate objectives of NESSIM Steel Company Ltd consist of the following:

  • To carry on the business manufacturing Ferro Alloys, Iron, Steel, Special Steels, Cast Iron, other pipes and Castings, and other products incidental to and connected with Ferro Alloys, Iron and Steel, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys; 
  • To carry on the business of metallurgy, chemists, importers and manufacturers of, and dealers in metallurgical, chemical, industrial and other preparations and articles, compounds, cements, oils, paints, pigments and vanishes, dyeware paints and other grinders, makers of and dealers in proprietary articles of all kinds and of metallurgical, electrical, and scientific apparatus and materials; 
  • To carry on the business of iron-founders, mechanical engineering and manufacturing of agricultural and industrial implements and other machinery, tool-makers, brass-founders, metal-workers, boiler-makers, smiths, woodworkers, builders, painters, metal-lurgists, water supply engineers, gas makers; and 
  • To purchase, stock and sell or otherwise deal in any or all the raw materials or semi manufactured materials required for the manufacture of the said Ferro Alloys Plant or auxiliaries thereof.